Re-volve with a tailored treatment leaving you free of tension, pain and totally relaxed. Whether you work sitting at a desk, carry children, stand up all day, or are in training for a marathon, our busy lifestyles can lead to overload and result in injury, acute and chronic pain. 


I feel I have the best job in the world in helping you to restore balance to the body and mind and by teaching you how to prevent issues from coming back through self-care. My own previous recurring issues led me to completely change my career in order to help others.


Lucy has studied in London, Oxford, Los Angeles and Bali graduating with a distinction in Level 5 Sports Massage. She holds additional diplomas in Holistic Massage, Myofascial Release, Pilates and is a certified Oncology Massage Therapist, Trigger Point Therapist and Reiki Master. As a registered therapist she regularly attends continuous professional development training and conducts her own research.

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