23/06/20 Temporarily Closed - Update

I am temporarily closed due to Government legislation. Please note Massage Therapists are now in the last group of businesses allowed to re-open in 'Phase 4' because we are unable to social distance and are classed as 'close contact' practitioners. The review date set by the Government announced today is now 'Mid July'. I also have to adhere to my governing bodies guidelines. I will post an update and send an email out when I have news. 

16/03/20 Re-volve and Coronavirus – You are in safe hands

Please rest assured as a registered therapist I already adhere to the following health and safety practices:

1. Sanitising all equipment and surfaces before and after each client with medical grade sanitiser.


2. Using a full fresh set of massage couch linens for each client including base sheet, face hole base sheet, face hole disposable cover, towels and paper roll.


3. Leaving ample time between clients and limiting the number of treatments per day to always enable sanitation and full linen change.


4. Cleaning and sanitising the entire studio and bathroom facilities daily.


5. Maintaining strict personal hygiene including washing hands and forearms before greeting each client, before and immediately after each treatment and also re-sanitising during treatments if needed.



New practices put in place this week:


1. Hand sanitiser made available for clients on entry.


2. Switched from hand towels to a paper towel dispenser in the bathroom.


3. Bathroom facilities door sign for visibility.


4. Extra sanitising of studio between clients.


5. If I can kindly ask all clients not to book in if they have any cold or flu symptoms.



Something to remember, stress is a proven immune system suppressant and the leading cause of myofascial pain so please stay safe but importantly keep calm and take the time for gentle movement and exercise, rest and relaxation, positive emotions and fun!


Embrace the joys of working from home in your pyjamas if you are doing so. You know where I am if you need me. With Love, Lucy

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