Deep Tissue 


Deep Tissue Massage focuses on releasing deep restrictions within muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments. Working below the superficial connective tissue into all layers with slow deep strokes and controlled pressure, chronic and acute muscle tension is released increasing the flow of nutrients throughout the body and allowing the spine and joints to move into correct alignment with increased range of movement. 

I Incorporate many specialist techniques into my treatments depending on your needs including Soft tissue release (STR), Trigger point therapy (TrP) and Myofascial release (MFR).


A popular treatment recommended for general aches and pains, effective while very relaxing delivering a deep release which will last.

Trigger Point Therapy


Trigger Points are groups of muscle cells which become permanently 'switched on', a build up of which disrupts nerve signals and lead to muscles becoming tight, short and dysfunctional. Trigger points cause tenderness at their location and also refer pain to other areas of the body in a distinct pattern.

​As a skilled Trigger point therapist I am passionate about locating and treating these points, especially as their referred pain patterns are frequently misdiagnosed as other conditions such as headaches, migraines, jaw pain and and sciatica.


Because of the time needed to release, treatments focus on affected areas and include deep tissue and stretching so please note the whole body can not be treated in one session. A very effective treatment delivering a release which will last. 

Sports & Remedial


Sports & Remedial Massage identifies and treats imbalances in the body which lead to dysfunctional, restricted and compensatory movement patterns, these place stress on the tissues, spine and joints which can eventually result in pain and injury. 


This appointment treats acute and chronic pain, provides injury prevention, supports soft tissue injury rehabilitation and results in enhanced athletic and daily performance.


Extensive specialist techniques are incorporated into your assessment and treatment depending on your needs including Orthopaedic testing, Gait analysis, Soft tissue release (STR), Trigger point therapy (TrP), Neuromuscular techniques (NMT) and Neuromuscular re-education. This treatment is area specific, targeted and very effective.

Swedish Massage


If you are just looking to relax and reset with a full body massage from head to toe and don't have any areas of pain or injury then this is a wonderful treatment to receive. 


Slow flowing strokes are applied with medium pressure to meet your preference. This treatment eases stress, muscular tension and promotes relaxation. There is an increased delivery of nutrients to the tissues and toxins are released into the lymphatic system for removal. I incorporate Swedish, Balinese, Myofascial Release and Cranial techniques into each treatment.

A lovely classic massage which calms the mind, body and relieves stress. It will leave you with an enhanced sense of well-being, you will feel balanced, pampered and utterly relaxed.

Oncology Massage*

*Currently unavailable due to Covid 19 protocol

Massage therapy can be a wonderful treatment to receive when you are undergoing treatment or recovering from Cancer. Studies have shown it can help to reduce symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue and enhances wellbeing.


As a trained Oncology massage therapist I can give safe massage treatments during all stages of cancer including those currently receiving Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. Please note Oncology massage does not include deep tissue while your tissues are undergoing treatment and for a period after while healing, If you have had any lymph nodes removed this treatment might not be suitable, please email me before booking.

Specialist slow flowing strokes and fascia holds are applied to the body with gentle pressure, a nurturing treatment leaving you feeling relaxed and very well looked after.


*Currently unavailable at the new venue

An ancient form of energy healing given through gentle placement of the hands. Chakras are balanced, energy is sent where it is needed and the body's own natural healing process is enhanced mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Reiki was rediscovered from It's ancient Sanskrit and Tibetan roots and was first taught by Dr Usui in Japan, who then trained grandmasters to bring it to the west. I am honoured to have been taught by a lineage of teachers only 9 masters down from Dr Usui.  I was drawn to Reiki many years ago. Reiki started my journey and completely shifted my life.

A gentle but powerful treatment performed through clothing leaving you feeling balanced and calm, a feeling which will last and stay with you. A truly beautiful treatment to give and receive.

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